PET Fermentor Cooling Coil

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Our Cooling Coil adds the ability to control your fermentation temperatures and cold-cash your vessel.PET Fermenters are safe and a great vessel for fermentation.  However, they are being sold as NOT PRESSURE CAPABLE, since they were manufactured a few years ago and a pressure certification date is set to expire soon. Without proper pressure testing, they cannot be sold as “Pressure Capable.”

  • Compatible with Fermenters 9.2 Gallons and larger
  • 8mm stainless steel tube construction
  • Cooling Coil attaches to any PET fermentor lid
  • To install, simply drill two 12.8mm holes in the expansion ports of your PET Fermentor lid to accommodate the bulkheads of the cooling coil.  
  • Not sold with hoses or temperature controllers.
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