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Our Steam Condenser transforms electric brewing indoors into a seamless and steam-less process!  Compatible with any all-in-one system that has a lid diameter of 16.5” or less and a tri-clamp lid port. Eliminate humidity and moisture in your brew space by converting the steam from your boil back into water and then easily recycle the liquid for landscape irrigation. The Steam Condenser requires pressurized water for proper operation and will consume around 9.5 gallons per hour at 40 PSI.

When the Steam Condenser is in operation, you can brew confidently in any enclosed space (basement, garage, kitchen, den, etc.) without ventilation.

What do I need? 

If you have a tri-clamp port on the side of your system, you will just need to purchase the Steam Condenser.

If you don't have a tri-clamp port on the side of your system (like with the Foundry™), you will need the following accessories to ensure the proper operation:  Lid Tube Kit and 1.5" Tri-Clamp Lid Adapter

  • Condenses steam from the boil, eliminating humidity and moisture problems
  • Reduces the intensity of aromas in the air
  • Conserves power by reducing the energy needed to maintain a proper boil
  • Quality tested to ensure that no traceable amounts of DMS are present from boiling with the lid on, even in light-flavored beers
  • The water inlet connection is compatible with a Standard ¾” GHT (Garden Hose Thread)
  • Industrial grade high-efficiency misting nozzle, with built-in pre-filter, that's proudly made in the USA
  • Compatible with all sizes of the ANVIL Foundry™

Optional Low Flow Spray Nozzle

When we say that our ANVIL Steam Condenser is a one size fits all, we mean it. 

WARNING:  This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), which is known in the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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